5 Let’s dissect some tweets

Here’s a few examples of tweets you’re likely to see.

5.1 Viral tweet

Viral tweets have very high engagement, sometimes to the surprise of the author. This tweet has gone viral, with lots of retweets, comments and likes.

5.2 Good news

People love sharing good news on Twitter, usually people getting their PhD or tenure (lots of academics use R)

5.3 Help and technical questions

The R community loves helping out. Here’s an example of people jumping in to answer a query. This doesn’t always happen, people are busy with their own lives, but it does happen a lot. Use the rstats hashtag to increase exposure of your R-related question.

Here’s some helpful advice on how to get the best help for your R problems:

5.4 Poll

Polls are usally quite fun and often informative.

5.5 Info sharing

The R community loves sharing information. Just about anything goes - new packages, solutions to problems, blog posts, talks, screencasts, what their kids have done to the living room, you name it. Caution, you may end up emailing yourself more resources than you’ll ever be able to consume :).