11 Diving deeper into R and Twitter

Now that you’ve got the hang of Twitter - here are some more advanced things you can do.

11.1 Curating the WeAreRLadies account

@WeAreRLadies is a so-called rotating curation Twitter account: each week, a different awesome R-Lady takes over! They take control of the account for one week, and often tweet about how they use R in their job. The account was created by R-Ladies Global.

If you are female or non-binary, you can sign up to tweet from the @WeAreRLadies account for a week! More information and the application form can be found here.

11.2 Scheduling tweets

Instead of sending your tweet into the world right away, you can schedule it to be sent out at a specific date and time. Maybe your tweet is about a specific event, and you only want your tweet to appear when the event has started. First, write your tweet like you would normally do. To schedule, click the calendar / clock icon and choose date and time. The Tweet button is now a Schedule button. Click the button and you’re done! Under the calendar / clock icon, you can also select the Scheduled tweets at the bottom to see a list of tweets you’ve scheduled but that haven’t been sent yet.

Note: This feature hasn’t been rolled out to all accounts yet.

11.3 Analyzing Twitter data with rtweets

Twitter is a great source of data for all sorts of analyses. You can use the excellent rtweet package to access the data.

11.4 Sending tweets from inside Rstudio

Using either the rtweet or tweetRcode packages, you can send tweets directly from Rstudio.