10 All about bots

There are some accounts that may look a bit odd or behave strangely. These are generally bots. We’ll introduce some of these to you below.

10.1 Benign bots

Tweets are related to things like the weather forecasts, or perhaps some mundane activity that someone, somewhere, finds useful.

This bot is tweeting the weather for Utrecht, Netherlands.

10.2 Funny bots

Tweets are usually humourous or related to some sort of activity like replying to tweets with words replaced by something humorous. In the example below, someone’s made a program that creates new emoji and automatically posts the results.

10.2.1 Dead accounts

You might find you want to follow your favourite band or some person who hasn’t tweeted in ages, or never tweeted. This happens and these accounts are sometimes created to be able to claim the Twitter tag which may have some significance to the owner. Or the owner doesn’t use the account anymore, but never bothered to delete it.